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Quality Sharps Containers

Of more than 150 thousands Alibaba China Gold suppliers, Our CEO Charles was the sole owner asked to personally witness the IPO at the NYSE.

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The YAO Method

I am YAO. The founder of Dailymag.

Dailymag is a platform of brands that are constructed and built on my method, the YAO method is a method of delivering products that are firstly safe, bring them efficiently and do it at the highest technology level.

Why Choose Us

Long History of Product Design and Development

15+ years focus on industry, rich experience on development and manufacturing, own complete products variety.

High-level Machining Ability

We pride ourselves on providing superior service and products to our customers. Our machining offers great turn-around time, competitive pricing, and superior high quality.

Continuous New Product Development Capability

Develop 5-10 new models sharps containers every year to meet big international customers' requirement.

Free Samples Available

One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a Chinese supplier, especially for the first time, is that when the goods arrive is it exactly what you want. Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!

Excellent Quality

All raw materials come from global top suppliers, including ExxonMobil and Formosa Plastics. We pursue 100% satisfaction from international customers.

Responsive - On-line 24 Hours

Our sales and our technician service is one to one. If you have any question, we will respond to you within 24 hours.


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